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Founded in 1999, InsureCargo is a leading U.S.-based e-commerce facility selling cargo insurance to and from anywhere in the world. With employees containing a combined 100 years of insurance experience, creating the standard for insuring the world’s trade has been our mission.

About Us

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We represent the highest rated marine insurers, which offer the top security demanded by the discriminating shipper, consignee, importer, and exporter.

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We meet the demands of shippers, freight forwarders/custom brokers, insurance agents, logistics managers, importers and exporters for online cargo insurance quotation and policy issuance critical for domestic and global trading.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to our clients by providing a quick quotation and purchase of cargo insurance.

Policy Overview

When goods are shipped there can be unexpected occurrences such as damages by a natural disaster, international incidents, and damaged property. We can help provide coverage for your specific needs.

We offer a variety of coverage that will help with multiple issues such as catastrophe coverage, international coverage, and seamless coverage. You don’t need to be stranded and frustrated without any coverage when the unexpected happens whether it be by land, marine, or air. Our policy will provide a risk coverage benefit since it provides protection against any damage or loss due to external factors. Be prepared and request a quote today!

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