Case Studies

Mysterious Disappearance

Valuable metals distributor located in Southern California sold product to a Hong Kong-based distributor. Prior to title transfer, the goods were stolen by a distributor worker. The cargo policy responded to the mysterious disappearance resulting in a $100,000 recovery.

Large Plane Taking Off

Extra Expense – Sue and Labor

A bulk vessel carrying crates of plywood in the forward hold sustained cargo shift loss and loosened bundles. Cargo insurance paid for reclamation of loose panels, new and coopered crates, and salvage sale differential. Sue and Labor clause triggered to pay the extra expenses related to the mitigation efforts.

Large cargo ship

Pre-shipment Loss – Financial Title

Products processed in Mexico were entitled to a USA importer at time of finish and were stored inside the processor ready for shipment. The warehouse was robbed by forcing workers to load the finished goods into processor stolen trucks and then robbers unloaded the stolen goods several miles from the processor; abandoning the empty stolen vehicles. Since the importer’s title was proven prior to shipment, the USA importer received the cargo insurance claim proceeds.

Construction Worker


Seafood was abused by temperature due to improper setting of container thermostat. The thermostat was mistakenly set higher than instructed by purchase order and bill of lading. Due to broad “all risk” terms of the cargo policy including spoilage and deterioration by improper temperature, the claim responded per valuation clause of selling price, which included loss of profit.


Gas Line Rupture

A gas line broke between the natural gas utility and the food processing plant. The plant ceased operating while goods were in process. The cargo policy responded to loss of exposed raw and in processed goods that spoiled due to the 2-day utility interruption shutdown. The policy proceeds were valued at replacement cost for pre-finished goods.

Danger Line

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