To Protect Your Insurance Claim And Help Your Insurer Preserve Your Rights Against Carriers, Bailees, And Other Parties:

Take Exceptions

Take exceptions on the delivery receipts of any condition that might indicate loss or damage.

Take Steps to Prevent Further Damage

You are expected to do exactly what you would do if the shipment were uninsured. Insofar as possible, retain all original packaging materials. Protect the goods, mitigating the loss while cooperating with the surveyor and claims adjuster. You own the goods and have the duty to reduce the loss.

Promptly Report the Loss by Phone to InsureCargo Insurance Services

We can have a surveyor inspect the damaged goods right away. You may contact Don Rose at 818-384-3943, or contact our office as shown above. If overseas, report to the nearest settling or surveying agent designated on the back of the insurance certificate. If there is no agent nearby, request the nearest correspondent of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters or Lloyd’s Agent to conduct a survey.

Notify Parties and File a Preliminary Claim

Immediately notify all carriers or other parties in whose custody the loss may have occurred and file a written preliminary claim against them as soon as possible. (In respect to international air shipments, notice of damage must be filed in writing with the air carrier within seven days of receipt of shipment from the air carrier.) Include in the notice:
a. Bill of Lading number.
b. Name of carrying vessel.
c. Description of loss or damage.
d. State that the carrier will be held responsible for the loss or damage.

Submit the Claim in Writing

Submit the claim in writing to InsureCargo Insurance Services, or to the foreign settling agent with the following documents:
a. Statement of claim in detail.
b. Original or copy of the bill(s) of lading covering the entire shipment.
c. Original or copy of the invoice(s) covering the entire shipment.
d. Packing list.
e. Delivery receipts and any other available documents showing conditions when received.
f. Original and duplicate of insurance certificate, if issued, otherwise a copy of the declaration under which the shipment was reported to the insurance company.
g. Original survey report.
h. Copy of claim against carriers or other parties and their reply, if available.
i. Police Report if applicable.

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