Sample Letter

Sample Letter Putting the Shipping Carrier / WH on Notice of Claim

The shipping carrier/warehouse must be notified in writing as soon as a loss is discovered.  This is important so that we may recover damages from the responsible party and it is a duty required of you in your insurance contract.  All shipping companies limit the time period within which you may file your claim.  Please refer to Time Limits for Filing a Claim Against Carriers / Liability of Carriers for a complete listing.

Today’s Date

To: Steamship Line, Air Carrier, Trucker, Warehouse
123 Main Street
Anytown U.S.A.

RE: Name of ship or air carrier or warehouse
Bill of Lading or Warehouse Account Reference
Voyage or flight number, Container Number, Lot Range
Arrival Date(s) or Date of Loss
Description of Goods (i.e.: 35 cartons of frozen shrimp)

Dear Shipping Carrier / Warehouse:

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of loss.  We hold the warehouse responsible for any loss that PanaPesca sustains as a result of the ammonia leak.  We have reported the incident to our insurer and a surveyor will be contacting them in the very near future.  Please keep us apprised of your efforts to mitigate any damage and extent of losses, if any.  


CC: Your Insurance Company
Shorepoint Insurance Services